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Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow


Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo Metal 24 hour Cream Gel Eyeshadow

Cream gel eyeshadow for long-lasting shimmery metallic shades Smooth, Bold Metallic Shades 24HR wear cream gel formula for smooth application

Color Tattoo Metal “Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation” and the “Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant”.

Using fingertips, sweep all over eye from inner corner and work outwards. For added drama, darken as desired.



There are many eyeshadows are the market that claim to be long wearing and bold. Maybelline Color Tattoo Metals definitely meets the claims made by the company. The colors are very intense and last throughout the day without creasing or smudging.

The packaging is also a draw to the product. It’s packaged in a glass jar with the color clearly visible through what is actually the bottom of the jar. The lid screws on and off. The product is a little heavy so be careful not to drop it. The jar is made of glass and would shatter.

The first day I tried Color Tattoo, I paired Color Tattoo Metals in “Barely Branded” with Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in “Potent Purple”. The review for Color Tattoo Pure Pigments will be added soon. I did not apply foundation and used only the two shadows and a Maybelline eyeliner pencil to line my upper and lower lash line. The shadow was smooth and very easy to apply. I opted to apply it with a shadow brush instead of my fingers since I don’t put my fingers in my products. I did use my finger to blend the product once applied. The product doesn’t feel sticky at all and blends easily. The color is bold and the product very lightweight. It does have some shimmer/glitter so if you don’t like that in a shadow, stay away from this one. This is definitely a great product for evening wear due to its intense color, lightweight feel, shimmery look and long wear. After a 12 hour day, applied at 7:10AM and removed at 8:27PM, the product was still just as fresh and bold as it was when first applied.

I paired Silver Strike with Electric Blue to provide photos for this blog so the intensity of these products can be seen. The two shades were quickly applied and have not been blended. As you can see in the photo below, these two colors work well together. The eyeshadows are the only products applied to a clean, moisturized face.

Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadows comes in five (5) shades.
  • Barely Branded: Metallic taupe, great as a base shade
  • Electric Blue: Rich metallic blue, very bold, shows well on dark skin
  • Silver Strike: Metallic silver, appears a little white on some skin tones
  • Inked in Pink: Metallic pale pink
  • Bold Gold: Very rich metallic gold, very bold, shows well on dark skin
Removal of the product is a bit difficult. You can’t just take a tissue to wipe it off like you can with a powder shadow. It’s not going to budge much at all. You may want to pick up some makeup remover for the eyes just in case. I attempted to remove some of it with a tissue before washing my face so it wouldn’t smear in the shower or stain my washcloth but it didn’t budge. I ended up using some “Avon Eye Makeup Remover Lotion” I had then washing my face. I wash my face with my hands then use a washcloth to get the water out of my eyes and to pat dry my face.

Grade: A
Pigment: Rich, Intense, Shimmery, True to color
Texture: Smooth
Longevity: In it for the long run!
Application: Easy
Price: $$
Dame Glam says LOVE IT – You should BUY IT

Almost anywhere Maybelline products are sold to include Kroger, Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s, Ulta

DISCLAIMER: “Barely Branded” was sent as a sample from L’oreal/Maybelline. It was not sent as a sample for review. The other four shades were purchased from a local Kroger. The product retails for $5.79 at the Kroger stores in the area.

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